Snappy Answers to Climate Questions

By Alex Epstein

Quick and direct answers to common questions you're likely to encounter about climate change.

Q: Do you believe in climate change?

A: I believe in climate change, not climate catastrophe. The world has warmed 1 degree C in the last 170 years. Humans have some influence. But because we are so adaptable, the climate death rate has fallen 98% over the last century.1

Q: Are you a climate change denier?

A: I’m a climate thinker.

I recognize that climate is ever-changing, that humans have some influence, and that humans with abundant machine power can master any climate. That's why as CO2 levels have gone up, climate deaths have plummeted.2

Q: What should be done about CO2 emissions?

A: We should definitely not do anything that raises the cost of energy in a world where billions already can't afford it. The only humane policies are more adaptation to keep us safe and more innovation to make low-carbon energy cheap.3

Q: What will happen if we hit the dreaded 1.5 degrees C of warming?

A: A better version of what happened when we hit the 1 degree of warming we're at now. It’ll be a little warmer, a lot greener, and, most importantly, the miracle of machine power will be even more abundant.4

Q: Even if we've been able to adapt to CO2 rises so far, won't further change be overwhelming?

A: The pessimistic UN is talking about a few degrees of warming and a few feet of sea level rises *over a century*. We can adapt to that with today's tech, let alone future tech.5

Q: Aren't the CA wildfires proof that we need to switch to green energy as fast as possible?

A: The CA *blackouts* are proof that we need to *stop* switching to unreliable green energy. CA wildfires are proof that we need to remove huge amounts of excess fuel from CA forests.6