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- Alex Epstein

Energy policy, including climate policy, will be one of the main issues of the 2020 elections. I believe that the best policy for America’s future and the world’s future is a policy of energy freedom, in which all sources of energy--including fossil fuels--can compete to produce the most reliable, lowest-cost energy for billions of people. I am extremely worried that a large percentage of…

In the last 15 years America has become the world’s leading energy producer thanks to energy freedom -- allowing all sources of energy to compete and innovate. To make even more progress we need more energy freedom -- not mandates of renewables or bans of fossil fuels and nuclear.

Joe Biden’s energy plan calls for outlawing reliable fossil fuel electricity and mandating unreliable solar and wind electricity. This will not stop CO2 emissions from rising but it will destroy American industry, impoverish American consumers, and jeopardize American security.

California is experiencing blackouts because of "green" policies that reward or mandate unreliable electricity from solar and wind and punish or outlaw reliable electricity from nuclear, natural gas, coal, or hydro. We need to understand and apply this lesson this election.

The solution to dangerous, out-of-control wildfires in California is addressing the root cause: “excess fuel load” from bad forest management. Focusing on climate change, a minor variable that we have no near-term control over, is a craven political ploy.

Fracking is one of the most important technologies in our economy and can be done very safely. Government should ban only dangerous misuses of fracking, not all fracking. A fracking ban is the fastest way to create a global recession and an American depression.

While climate catastrophists claim that our climate is less livable than ever because of fossil fuels, it is actually more livable than ever thanks to our fossil fuel powered climate protection systems. Rising CO2 levels will cause mild, manageable warming as well as significant global greening--not a crisis.

The only practical way to lower global CO2 emissions is to encourage innovation that could make low-carbon energy cheap for everyone. Policies like the Green New Deal and the Biden Plan that would outlaw American fossil fuel use won’t stop global CO2 emissions from rising--but they will ruin America.

10s of millions of Americans live in energy poverty--a growing problem thanks to wasteful, unreliable solar and wind infrastructure. If we want to stop making our poorest citizens choose between food and heat or medicine and electricity we must end favoritism for “unreliables.”